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Rubs & Marinades: BUTTER/GARLIC MRND SSNG #544

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Product Code: G20046
Ingredients: Butter flavor (matlodextrin, butter flavor, annato, and tumeric), salt, sodium polyphosphates (15.38%), dehydrated garlic, dextrose, parsley flakes, spices, and ground celery. Use: In a vacuum tumbler place 25# of meat in tumbler, add 30.25oz of water and 9.75oz of seasoning. Vacuum tunble for 20 min. As a soak dissolve 9.75oz of seasoning in 1-2 gallons of water depending on stregnth desired. Marinate under refrigeration in a plastic or stainless steel container for 1-24 hours.
7.3125# CS = 12/9.75 OZ BAGS
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