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MVS-45 VacSmart Marinated Meat

This week we are demonstrating the Minipack VacSmart MVS-45, packaging marinated fajitas!

In this demo we repackaged the fajitas into a vacuum pouch and added water and seasoning. On our vacuum machine you will notice we have a pre-programmed setting for this product. Operators no longer need to set the vacuum time, seal time, etc. Everything can be pre-programmed to presets! This program is set to “pulse” the fajitas. The pulse pulls a full vacuum inside the chamber and then releases the vacuum three times. While pulling the vacuum this allows for the meat to open up and allow all the seasoning and water to get inside of the meat. Watch the video below!

VSM1                  VSM2



This process has many advantages for packing company and for the customer! First of all, we are adding weight to our product (water and seasoning). Secondly, we are getting better shelf life since the product is vacuum packaged. Lastly, the customer is getting a much better product that is juicy and full of flavor!

You will notice once again that before and after we run our product that the operator is answering all the questions necessary to fill out our HACCP reports.

HACCP Example 2

MVS-45 VacSmart Vacuum Machine

These are hamburger patties that I purchased from the store that had been marked down, as it was the last day to sell them. This is what grocery chains across the country are beginning to do. Instead of marking the meat down, they vacuum package it and then they get another 4 days of shelf life!


At the start of the video you will notice that the vacuum machine goes through several questions that the operator must answer in order to use the machine. These questions are used to fill out the reports that are needed for your HACCP plan.

     ground chuck            vac ground chuck


Once we completed running our packages the machine asked us a few more questions. Then at the end of the day we can save the reports necessary for HACCP. See below for video of how to save report.


 HACCP Example