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Table Top Vacuum Tumblers: VTS-41

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Product Code: VTS-41
  • biro vts42
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  • biro vts46

BIRO counter top vacuum tumblers are the tools you need to create the value added, marinated entrees your customers  demand. You can marinate most meats and fish in less than 20 minutes, so you can make those value added products in a minimum amount of time. Vacuum marinating distributes the marinade evenly throughout the product, so you get full  flavor in every bite. It also adds water and tenderizes the product, so it cooks faster and is juicy and flavorful. Shelf life is extended and freshness, color, and eye appeal are enhanced. These tumblers are incredibly easy to use, too. It only takes 5 minutes to load the product, water, and marinade, and it runs for about 20 minutes while you do something else. When a batch is done, you only need 5 minutes to empty the drum and wash it out, and you’re ready to do another batch. Best of all, the low machine cost and big boost to your profit margins mean a return on your investment measured in weeks.

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