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Mainca Stainless Steel Manual Protion Control Head
  • mpc portion controller
  • pr 250 twist linker
  • pr 250 twist linker 2

Mainca has once again revolutionized the Sausage Industry with the New PR-250 Automatic Twist Linker. The PR-250 is designed to turn any of our EM Hydraulic Stuffers into a fully automatic stuffing and linking system. With Variable Speed Linking of up to 100 links per minute, Manual or Automatic operation and Adjustable Portion Control from 1/4 ounce to 7.8 ounces per link, the Mainca PR-250 Twist Linker allows the small and medium sized processor the same production and portioning advantages found on much more expensive systems.


- Twists both Natural and Collagen Casings
- Easy Disassemby without Tools
- External Portion Size Adjustment
- Three Stuffing Horns Standard
- Standard Foot Switch for Manual Operation
- Variable Speed up to 100 Links per Minute
- Portion Sizes from 1/4 oz. to 7.8 oz.
- Completely Stainless Construction
- Integrated Safety Switch
- Adjustable Height Stand and Castors
- 110 volt, 60 Hz Electric

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