Manual Equipment: CM-700

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Product Code: CM-700
Print speed 50 to 200mm/sec.
  • cm-700
  • dps-700

New Brunswick International’s (NBI) Digi equipment provides In-Motion Weighing and Labeling equipment with speeds ranging from 30 to 150 packages per minute. NBI’s Digi’s equipment will randomly weigh, calculate prices, print labels, and print barcodes meeting all food labeling requirements. After 35 years in the business, NBI has been producing and internationally marketing this type of equipment working in every major food processor in the U.S. We can automate easier tasks such as printing and applying labels or only applying labels at rapid speeds to increase profits. Our Digi Packer concept with our DPS-700 Scales solves the high volume yet small production run Weigh Price Labeling needs when Case Labeling is required as well.

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