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Fajita Skinner: ESB 4434

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Product Code: ESB4434/1
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The automatic derinding machine ESB 4434/1 is made for the safe derinding of flat meat cuts through an infeed conveyor belt. The pressure roller automatically adjusts to the individual thickness of the piece of meat. Also round pieces of meat - like shoulder or ham pieces - can be easily derinded manually by raising the pressure roller, pulling down the infeed conveyor belt and putting on the stainless steel table - without the use of tools! The finished product leaves the machine through a discharge convoyer belt. Besides in derinding, the ESB 4434/1 can also be used for horizontal slicing of meat plates, for example for the kebab production. Besides that, the ESB 4434/1 is also suitable for automatic skinning of turkey thighs (male & female).

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