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Mainca MH Hamburger & Meatball Moulder

Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner, and that means we are in the heart of BBQ season. What’s better than a good burger hot off the grill? A gourmet burger with all of your customers favorite ingredients already incorporated into the patty. Bacon cheeseburger, onion cheddar, mushroom swiss, bleu cheese, the combinations are only limited by your imagination. That’s too much work for a fresh meat counter right? Not with the Mainca MH-120 manual patty machine it’s not. Quick and easy to use, especially for small batches and with a super-fast clean up, batches can take only minutes. Change the thickness of the patty in seconds with no additional parts required. Check out the video link below to see the patty machine in operation.




-Maurice Mounce

Promarks DC-900

We just received in our first Promarks DC-900, double chamber, automatic, swing lid vacuum machine. No longer do you have to worry about swinging the large double chamber lids back and forth. Set the machine to the automatic mode and let it run. Don't worry about getting your hand stuck as the machine goes down to pull a vacuum. The built in safety will stop the machine if the outside of the lid hits something it shouldnt.  Click below to see a video!!